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 This is Lyme Literate Society of America. We were established due to politicization of Lyme Disease and governmental and health care organizations failing our American values and patients. Our mission is simple. It is to bridge the gap between the two opposing sides of Lyme Disease debate and provide facts from both sides; This includes ILADS, CDC, IDSA and International Health Organizations including but not limited to World Health Organization and International Health Ministries. We don't accept any sponsorships from any organizations or corporations. This is unlike other national and international Lyme societies that accept sponsorships and advertisement funds. We believe corporate donors and sponsorships from specialty labs and governmental entities can taint our mission of fairness. We at Lyme Literate Society of America are volunteers, researchers and students. We bring you a simple no frill understanding to Lyme disease and explain our political efforts in simple terms. We will provide hope and courage to all Lyme disease patients. The internet forums and medical boards online are very educational and informative, however they are filled with negative and confusing information about Lyme disease.  Education and treatment regarding Lyme disease is very fragmented across thousands of websites. Lyme disease advocacy groups are left with no single authoritative group or organization to voice their concerns. This causes all fighting one another, instead of focusing their efforts onto eradicating Lyme Disease.

By the time this site went live in December of 2012 there were 478 boards, forums and websites from Lyme Literate doctors, organizations and lay people all claiming they can eradicate Lyme Disease. These sites each listed a contradicting treatment option to fight this disease. There were a total of 225 different combinations of antibiotic treatments listed on these sites.  There were numerous books, ebooks and journals on Lyme disease treatment; mind boggling.

There are two opposing camps in Lyme disease treatment. One says in order to eradicate the B. burdorferi bacteria there needs to be a prolonged treatment of antibiotics sometimes months at a time (Lyme Literate ILADS). The second camp states 30 to 21 days of antibiotic treatment is enough to kill the B. burdorferi bacteria and allow the immune system take care of the rest (CDC).

Many Lyme patients are left confused and perplexed with these confusing information available online. We at Lyme Literate Society of America are here to make sense out of it all and use our lobbying power to bring sense into these politicians and "Lyme Literate" Docs. We take scientific polls and surveys regularly. We have noticed most Lyme patients do not trust their own doctors to treat this disease, 58 percent to be exact. They choose to go to a "Lyme Literate" doctor. At the same time a good number of other patients 26 percent of them say they do not trust Lyme Literate doctors because any professional can call himself or herself Lyme Literate without having any specialized or proper training through a medical or graduate school institution.

The argument goes on. One side says their treatment is the best and other claims no, their treatment is the best. We believe our government needs to set regulations and must recognize Lyme Literacy as a special field of practice. This way abuse of Lyme patients in the hands of not trained "Lyme Literate" professionals would be prevented. The Center for Disease Control CDC states, Lyme Literate doctors are practicing "quack medicine" and they should not prescribe "prolonged" antibiotic treatments due to "the serious complications, additional antibiotic therapy ... could not be recommended." Lyme Literate doctors say the government is wrong and CDC and Infectious Disease Society of America IDSA have "conflicts of interest" and many health organizations are getting kick backs from the lobbyists at insurance companies for not passing new laws regarding treatment of Lyme disease since insurance companies do not want to pay for extra care. We can't disagree with CDC either since some doctors with no specialized training do call themselves a Lyme Literate professional and then charge exuberant amounts of money to treat patients with Lyme Disease.

Forbes magazine went as far as calling Lyme Literate doctors parasites for creating fear and financing a cash cow business. Whelan D. of Forbes Magazine wrote: "Ticks are not the only parasites living off patients in Lyme endemic areas". This is why Lyme Literate Society of America is working to bring regulations to the Lyme Literacy field. There are many professionals taking advantage of people with Lyme by calling themselves Lyme Literate to make money. According to another publication, Kansas City Star a Californian living in Kansas City along with three other partners started a company and advertised a microscope that can supposedly see the Borrelia burdorferi which people with Lyme could use. After he made about 400,000 dollars and one person died due to his "invention",  he was then imprisoned for only 32 months.  Here is a link if you care to read about it

 At Lyme Disease Society of America we passionately oppose the wasteful spending of our tax dollars on bickering that is going on between government entities and private professionals. We oppose tactics used by CDC and some Lyme Literate physicians to divert and deflect from the truth about this disease for their own greed and influence.

At Lyme Literate Society of America we follow research publications of many countries and organizations: International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society; Infectious Disease Society of America; Center for Disease Control; Public Health Agency of Canada; The British Columbia Centers for Disease Control; The German National Reference Centre for Borreliae; Health Protection Agency Lyme Borreliosis Unit of the United Kingdom; Iran's Health Ministry.

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This website is for informational purposes and is not intended to be used for treatment or diagnosis 

Lyme Literate Society of America Mission Statement:
It is Lyme Literate Society of America's mission to provide support and knowledge to Lyme Disease patients. It is Lyme Literate Society of America's mission to enhance legislation by lobbying political representatives to set guidelines regarding professionals who call themselves Lyme Literate. Lyme Literate Society of America opposes the lack of regulation in the Lyme Literacy field. Lyme Literate Society of America with the help of the vigilant public lobbies the law makers to recognize and implement proper trainings for Lyme Literate professionals.